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Hurts so good: Why I love Crossfit

Truly. That old John Mellencamp song should be the theme for every Crossfit WOD out there. So…given that every day after my workout it takes me several minutes to breathe normally…that I sometimes have to talk myself into it for … Continue reading

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Whole30 and Paleo Challenge Week One: DONE!

It’s been a busy week, which is why I haven’t been on here…plus I promised to spend quality time with my honey without the computer…and I’ve been at Crossfit and meetings…so good stuff! I made it through this week with … Continue reading

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My Goals for this Whole30

Nutrition: I will make it thru this Whole 30 Sleep: I will go to bed one hour before lights out (9:30). I will not check Facebook, email, or texts for one hour before bed. I will read only. I will … Continue reading

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Whole30 Day 1 – yep, I said Day 1, sigh

Well…my food choices have been off-plan these last few days, without a doubt. Thursday night, I decided I wanted ice cream to celebrate finishing Foundations class. Friday night, I decided I wanted it again…just because I did. Then last night, … Continue reading

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Some of my dishes – Whole30 compliant!

Just some of the things I made during my vacation: Avocado deviled eggs: Breakfast: eggs scrambled with spinach and mushrooms, some baby carrots, and frozen berries drizzled with coconut butter. Lunch: It’s a little bit of pork sausage sauteed up … Continue reading

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Tolerance goes both ways

Lately, I have found myself not commenting on a lot of controversial topics. This is because I have Facebook friends who are on both ends of just about every debate these days, be it the HHS mandate, the election, same … Continue reading

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Crossfit – final Foundations Class, but still an infant

Last night was our final night of our Foundations Crossfit class. It was a great class, I have to say. Perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, workout-wise, and also the most satisfying. The interesting thing about this … Continue reading

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