Food log 8/2/12

Sweet potato hash
2 fried eggs
Frozen berries with coconut butter

Marinara sauce (Whole30 Success Guide)
Spaghetti squash (love that stuff!)
1 avocado deviled egg (two halves of one)

Dinner was a big dilemma. I had physical therapy at 5, which typically is when I like to eat when I have Crossfit at 7, but that was better than going in the afternoon, coming home, and driving back a few hours later. So I wolfed down some cashew chicken at 4:15 or so, then took two hard boiled eggs, some macadamia nuts, and carrots and spinach with me. I ate some of the carrots and nuts in the car on my way.

After PT, I went to the gym and ate one of my hard boiled eggs. It was after 6, so I was leery about eating anything else, especially fat. One of my biggest fears at Crossfit is throwing up (I hate throwing up) so I tend to undereat.

It was a bit of a mistake this night. I don’t know if it was due to the second night of Crossfit in a row, or what, but my legs were pretty leaden. It didn’t help that our warmup included both a 400m run (usually it’s 200m) and a 500m row. More elsewhere on that.

But anyway…this was our last Foundations class so I wanted to celebrate. I had made the mistake of buying an extra container of HD ice cream on the 31st (before the August 1 Whole30 start), so my husband could have one. He didn’t eat it because he was sick that night, so…guess what was in my freezer? So…guess what I did? Yup. It was good, but I feel crappy today…and having some cookies and a Diet Mt. Dew didn’t help, LOL.

So. I’ve reset my Whole30 clock and am on day 1/2 (if I say day 0 I’ll just be tempted to eat crappy for the rest of the day) . Onward and upward.

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