Food log thoughts 8/1/12

I’ve been trying to find the best food plan for the days I have Crossfit at 7. This worked very well last night, though I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to reproduce it tonight since I have physical therapy at 5. However, I’m going to do my best! I may have to eat like a senior citizen (i.e., at 4:00), then do the pre-workout thing at 6.

Yesterday I had:

Sweet potato hash
2 fried eggs
Berries and coconut butter

Hard boiled egg
Spinach and tomatoes with Whole30 Mayo
Blue and raspberries in coconut milk

1 avocado deviled egg
1 hard boiled egg

Cashew beef

I seemed to have more energy last night for my workout – it did help that we were working out inside, in the AC, with the garage door closed (unlike Monday…it was all heat and humidity), but I think it worked out much better.

After workout:
Salmon cake

Hoping today will be equally good…it’s our last Crossfit Foundations class and we’ll be doing the same WOD we did on our very first day, to see if our times improve. I hope mine does!

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