My first blog post…ever

Hello! I’ve started this blog for a couple of reasons…

Since finding Whole9 and Crossfit, I have discovered the benefit and sheer pleasure of having both a virtual and real community to share my health and fitness journey. I long have loved talking and debating with like-minded individuals – ever since we “piled on” like puppies in grad school seminars.

So rather than clogging up everyone’s Facebook pages or the Whole30 forum with endless thoughts, comments, questions, food logs and recipes, I decided to try this. I’ve never done it before, though, so be patient with me while I figure out the details.

I’m 50 years old. I have a husband I adore and thank God for every day for him. In finding him, I also found a faith I’d never found before. Granted, the Church does some things I don’t always agree with, but at its heart it is a beautiful, loving faith. I found a love for the outdoors I didn’t realize I’d had.

And I’ve decided I want to live a long time to enjoy those things. I’ve done the diet thing for over half my life, and I only recently realized how messed up my ideas were about healthy eating. Thanks to my friends Chris and Melissa Schwab, my eyes were opened to a whole new way of looking at food and fitness.

So this blog will be some about learning to be a good wife. Some about having a better relationship with God and my Savior. Some about changing my relationship with food. Some about lifting heavy things and the torture/treat that is Crossfit.

So…here we go…

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2 Responses to My first blog post…ever

  1. Betsy says:

    Great start Linda! 🙂

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