Crossfit – final Foundations Class, but still an infant

Last night was our final night of our Foundations Crossfit class. It was a great class, I have to say. Perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, workout-wise, and also the most satisfying.

The interesting thing about this is that on more than one occasion, including the very first night, I did not feel particularly well. I hadn’t slept well and at that point was on, like, day 9 of one of my Whole30 attempts. Not necessarily a good time to begin strenuous exercise. 😉

But I went almost every night. I missed one night because of a work thing – our facility had a Joint Commission survey that went very well – but I made it up (boy, did I make it up) the following Saturday. I missed one other day after I had an unfortunate encounter with some spinach that was just a tad bit past its prime.

But back to last night…

I had physical therapy that ended about an hour before the class, which usually is a mixed blessing. It’s good because it means my back and arm are warmed up and loose. It’s bad because I’m relaxed, LOL. Some days I’ve done better after physical therapy, some days not as well. The worst part about this particular day is that I wasn’t able to eat on the schedule I like best, so I probably was a little underfed.

We started out with a 400M run and my legs were not as strong as I would’ve liked. We followed that with a 500M row (yikes) then Junk Yard Dog Drill. This is where you jump over your partner’s outstretched arms and legs, then crawl under them and jump over them. I’m always afraid I’m going to land on my partner.

We practiced deadlifts. This was pretty cool, because I did 5 reps at 65 pounds and it was much easier than the last time we tried. I did 4 good reps at 95 pounds. The last one was kind of messy, but I did accomplish it. I am absurdly proud of that. I’ve never lifted that much in my life! Then we learned medicine ball cleans, which actually were kind of fun.

Then came the moment we all had been waiting for…we repeated Ben, which was our very first WOD. This WOD consists of:

200M run
15-12-9 reps of: squats, pushups, and ring rows
200M run

My time on this at our first workout was 14:53. Coach Kenny said that, in his experience, most people cut their time in half. I eyed him skeptically, and I know my face was saying, “Yeah, right.” I took one final trip to the potty (sorry, TMI) and just prayed that I could make it under 12 minutes. If I could shave 2 minutes off my time, I thought, I’d be happy.

We started and our youngster class member, Jordyn, took off like a shot, like we knew she would. She’s great to work out with because she is young and she really pushes you, but you don’t feel bad when she beats because she’s approximately 1/4 your age (well, mine anyway). She’s also very sweet, so you can’t help but root for her. Bill was close behind, again no surprise. My legs felt lousy, but I pushed as hard as I could.

The squats felt pretty sluggish and I was glad to get to pushups – I’m still doing them on a 12-inch box and my knees, but I did feel stronger – and I love ring rows, though by then they weren’t exactly my favorites. I was amazed to hear Kenny’s updates on time; it was pretty clear to me that I was going to beat my time, which helped push me harder.

Jordyn and Bill finished at 5 and 5:02, respectively. Wow! They made it back before I left for my final run. I pushed it as hard as I could – and the last leg is just a bit uphill, which makes it tougher – and Kenny’s encouragement was awesome. I nearly cried when he said my time was 6:25. I mean, seriously. That seems miraculous to me. I thanked Jesus as I collapsed on the ground.

I have had the occasional fleeting thought that Kenny tricked us and either upped our first time or cut this one, but he wouldn’t do that…right? I guess it makes sense that I could kick out 36 squats, pushups and ring rows in 4 minutes. That doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

Anyway, it felt good to finish. I was in agony for the rest of the night, LOL…poor CH had to listen to me groan every time I got up to go to the bathroom…but it was well worth it.

So. I’m going to use this section of my blog to track my Crossfit progress. Right now, my goals are to go to at least three classes a week, and to eat strong Paleo.

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