My Goals for this Whole30

Nutrition: I will make it thru this Whole 30

Sleep: I will go to bed one hour before lights out (9:30). I will not check Facebook, email, or texts for one hour before bed. I will read only. I will turn lights out at 10:30 (even on nights Ron isn’t here), and be up at 6:30.

Stress management: I will pray the Rosary three times a week.

Exercise: I will attend Crossfit 3 times a week, and try to walk at lunch 1 time per week (or attend Crossfit four times per week).

Active Recovery and injury rehab: I will do my PT exercises every day, and stretch and ice after each workout.

Fun and play: I will spend one evening a week watching a movie with my husband, with NO distractions! (So I can’t spend much time on here tonight!)

Personal growth: I will read 12 steps to a more compassionate life.

Temperance: I will not gossip or speak ill of others for 30 days.

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