Whole30 and Paleo Challenge Week One: DONE!

It’s been a busy week, which is why I haven’t been on here…plus I promised to spend quality time with my honey without the computer…and I’ve been at Crossfit and meetings…so good stuff!

I made it through this week with my Whole30. For some reason, the first few days get tougher instead of easier with each try. This is good to note and know for the future. Why is that? It’s something to ponder…maybe each time I get closer to closing the book on things like ice cream and pizza for good, and I need to “mourn” that. It sounds silly to “mourn” food when I have friends with friends who have been killed in battle, or who have family members who are very ill…and it is silly. But normal, apparently.

My sleep has been kind of rocky this week, which probably hasn’t helped the cravings. Part of it is that I just seem to wake up every couple of hours. Part of that is because I have to pee, to put it bluntly. It’s reassuring to hear on the Whole30 forum, and in our Crossfit meeting, that this is fairly typical and easily explainable. First, I’m drinking much more water than I’m used to…second, veggies and fruits have lots of good old H2O, and third, all those fluids that used to be retained by the massive amounts of sodium in processed food are now being released.

My Whole30 Daily gave me some excellent tips for improving my sleep, so I tried to follow those the last couple of days: turn off the electronics an hour before bed, keep everything nice and dim, turn out the light at a set time and get up at a set time. This was easy Wednesday because I was very, very tired…even with my C-Man gone, I fell asleep pretty readily. Thursday was tougher, and I did end up awake later than I had hoped, but I still got 7 decent hours of sleep.

Last time I did a couple of extra things…I read before I go to sleep, and I use my iPad as an e-reader. To signal approaching sleep time, I dimmed the brightness on it to about 30%. Then I covered every other source of light in the bedroom – a shirt over the digital clock, another over the dehumidifier, and a couple of socks (LOL) tied around the lights on the fan. Ron already turns off the light in the living room that bleeds down into the bedroom, so that was taken care of. I took my magnesium, and after a few minutes of whimpering from my workout (it was rough), I fell asleep. I still got up a couple of times, but I had a couple of good dreams, so I know I got some REM sleep in! Hooray!

This was my first week of main WODs at the gym, and they were TOUGH. I can see that I still will need to scale for a while, but that’s okay.

Here’s to week 2!

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