Whole30 and Crossfit for Christ…looking for partners!

(Hoping this doesn’t offend anyone who is not Christian out there…none intended.)

So. I’ve tried this about six times and each time around days 10-15, I choose to give into temptation. So after the last one, I spent a lot of time reflecting on whats and whys. I think part of it is a sense that focusing so much on what I’m eating and my exercise feels very self-centered, rather than doing something for the glory of God.

One day last week, while I was driving home feeling quite depressed because I would be away from my husband (and yes, I had ice cream that night…probably not a coincidence), I decided to listen to my audiobook Bible. This is not something I do frequently, but I had a hankering, and I know that when I read my BIble, verses that help me are more apt to pop up in times of trouble.

It’s a New Testament Bible, so it began with Matthew, and shortly into the reading was the story of Jesus going into the wilderness to fast for 40 days, after being baptized by John in the River Jordan.

And it dawned on me…that was how I could make this for God.

I had a couple of false starts. And I think it was because I was relying on me and not God for help and strength. I think it also was because my physical therapist put his foot down and said I HAD to take a week off from Crossfit, which made me depressed and nuts.

So here I am today…on day 3 of 40…trying to find a verse a day that fits what I need to get through the day with my focus on others and on becoming a better person, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If anyone wants to join me, please comment!! Would love to share verses and other bits of inspiration for those who would like!

Day 1/40, September 7
Breakfast hash and turkey “sausage”

Tuna salad with mayo and nuts
Hardboiled egg
Lettuce and tomatoes with mayo

Pre-workout: hardboiled egg

Workout: Return to Crossfit. Hooray!!! 400m run for warmup. Everett warmup (if you’ve never done this, it’s a treat…NOT, LOL). Skill: snatch balances. WOD: Team WOD of four: Fran, Diane, Elizabeth, and Karen. Total of 15 thrusters at 25#, 15 jumping pullups, 15 deadlifts at 65, 15 box handstand pushups, 15 cleans (I think at 35#), 15 banded ring dips, and 40 wall balls at 6#

Ground beef with mayo
Coconut butter

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Day 2/39 (9/8):
3 eggs with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and avocado

1 hour strength practice – squats, thrusters, and snatches. Didn’t think this would make me sore, but I’m feeling it today (9/9).

2 fried eggs
Salmon cake
Hot dog
Sweet potato fritter
Broccoli and squash with clarified butter
Frozen raspberries
Coconut butter

Communion Antiphon: “LIke the deer that yearns for running streams, so my soul is yearning for you, my God; my soul is thirsting for God, the living God.” – Psalm 42 (41): 2-3

I prayed that God would take away the craving for sugar and ice cream, since I obviously don’t have the strength to resist it on my own!!

All day I had a hideous headache. Felt like sinuses or allergies – not sure what it could’ve been. Entirely possible that it was sugar withdrawal.

Salmon cakes (1 1/2) with mayo
Lettuce and tomato with mayo

Took my magnesium and an allergy pill and went to bed early.

Day 3/38 (9/9):
Slept very late – it was close to 8:30 before we got up.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous day. Cool, sunny, the waterfall behind our house has been running since Friday for the first time in months. Blissfully grateful for the rain we received Thursday and Friday that hopefully has renewed our parched ground.

Our water was off last night but came back on this morning, and actually didn’t require an hour of running rusty to run clean again. Hallelujah!

2 fried eggs
Hot dog
Sweet potato fritters (2)
Also enjoying one of my new indulgences: an absolutely delicious loose vanilla tea that I found at Whole Foods (I think) and really really like.

Getting ready to make some new foods today…squash chili and moroccan chicken, yummmm. Am utterly tired of veggies as usual, but want to watch my beta carotene intake since I think I finally got the yellow out for the time being!

Today’s verse seems pertinent for the political discussions that have been going on: “I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who create dissensions and obstacles, in opposition to the teaching that you learned; avoid them.” – Romans 16:17.

Second verse, even better suited to the conversation: “Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against your fellow countrymen. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.” – Leviticus 19:18. Who knew???

Happy day, everyone…

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