Ready or not, Here I Paleo

Okay, here we go! It’s time to get serious about this Whole30. Gonna try to blog here as often as possible; it seems to help me when I log what I eat. There’s a certain amount of positive reinforcement to writing down what I’ve eaten and beaming when it’s clean. It also helps me match my energy levels to my eating habits.

So I have a lot of plans for the next couple of months, and I’m really excited about getting started.

Tomorrow, I start a standard Whole30. I’m going to try to keep my fruit to once a day and avoid nuts unless I’m absolutely desperate for fats. I spent the afternoon cooking today to help me, and I made a list of recipes I want to try from Well Fed:

Meatza (even though this is “paleofying” a junk food – I don’t eat pizza much, so I don’t see it as dangerous)
Pad Thai and sunshine sauce
Best chicken…
Chocolate chili
Cinnamon beefstew
Czech meatballs
Chinese BBQ pork and fried “rice”
Citrus carnitas
Shepherd pie with beef (or perhaps venison)
Italian sausage and eggplant strata
Salmon L’Afrique
Meat & Spinach muffins
Blue Ribbon Chicken

I need to substitute some other veggies for my beloved squash, spinach, and carrots – I’ve been turning orange. Seriously. So here are some that don’t have beta carotene:

Brussel sprouts (just need to get some frozen and try)
Cauliflower (mashed or sauteed or roasted!)

Spice Market Kale
Greek Broccoli
Cauliflower Rice Pilaf
Zucchini Noodles
Baba Ghanoush (eggplant)

On 1/14, we start the week for our next Paleo challenge at Parkland Crossfit, with the challenge itself starting 1/22 and running through February 20th.

And…the coach is starting a league with 573Fitness, starting 1/24.

So…since I have to measure and weigh the week of 1/14 (bleh), I need to prep this week. AND I don’t want to be in “carb flu” mode when the league starts.

In addition to all that…Desired Health Chiropractic is starting a “Food Makeover” Challenge on 2/4 too!

In the last two months, I have eaten hideously. And I feel it everywhere…my back in particular. I’m ready to go back to my good habits and get my entire body back in shape.

In addition to my food, I intend to go back to my sleep routine. Turning off all email, Facebook, and the TV an hour before bedtime, and eight hours of sleep. That also made an enormous difference in my energy and well-being last time.

And the last goal: 4 workouts a week, including each League workout. I’m tickled that they’re on Thursdays, so I can go without missing time with my Cricket Man.

So…I haven’t much in terms of wisdom or philosophy today. Instead, I just wanted to get some goals and thoughts on paper. It has nothing to do with weight loss or inches, or even PRs. It’s all about getting myself back on the great track I started this weekend.


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