Day 1 – Done!

I am pleased to say that I made it through my first day. Mostly, it was pretty easy.

The biggest problem was that the cats have ventured upstairs. When the dog is here, the cats stay snuggled down in their little den (our bedroom). We have their food and water down there, and they seem to like it okay. Though I worry about their Vitamin D intake. 🙂

Once Rowdy leaves, they slowly make their way upstairs. This is good news because it relieves those nagging Vitamin D worries. There’s also about eight bowls of water up there (the dog consumes mass quantities), so I don’t have to worry about filling up a bowl over and over again.

I wasn’t completely prepared for them to go upstairs last night. And I was juuuust about asleep when I heard this “thump, thump” from upstairs. Now, those of you who know us, know we’ve had various wildlife infiltrate our house – including flying squirrels and mice – and we had been away quite a bit lately. And I also worry about the two-legged wildlife finding its way to our house as well.

I did a quick kitty-check. Turned out it was Maya…excursing to not just the upstairs, but the LOFT. I called her and finally I heard the thud, thud of her little feet coming down the stairs.

Took me a while to get back to sleep.

Onward…Breakfast was good – the quiche I made last night, some carrots and olives, and my favorite tea (which unfortunately Amazon has decided to discontinue, boo), and blueberries.

My morning was all about meetings, which isn’t terribly enjoyable, but the good thing is it keeps my mind off food. Lunch was also very good – chicken tarragon I also made last night, wonderful mashed cauliflower, a red leaf lettuce and tomato salad. Quite tasty. Usually I have an egg and olives before my workout, but time ran out on me tonight.

I’m not going to lie. I was DREADING my workout tonight. I was tired from the wake-up last night. I thought, it’s going to be one of those WODs…and this was after a night when I couldn’t even lift my one-rap max on my deadlift last week! Discouraging, especially after I upped my push press PR by ten pounds. And my back has really been bothering me, after months of improvement. I suspect a combination of being sick, too much driving, and really sucky food choices.

The night was about what I expected. 600 meter run – I did get to wear the new shoes Ron gave me for Christmas, and they were lovely. Hollow bodies (I so need that core work) and planks. Three rounds of 20 lunges, 15 pushups, 20 abmat situps. I keep thinking of that phrase: “Your workout is my warmup.” LOL. Strength work was banded deadlifts. Meh. I did okay but not as well as I would like.

The WOD was tough. I definitely should’ve gone for the 12 instead of 10 pound wall ball, and had a lower box for my jumping pullups. It never fails – when I think I’m being conservative, I end up peeved with myself for not pushing harder.

I was so hungry heading home. I decided to make some pork sausage from our wild hog – crumbled it up and browned it, then dumped some broccoli slaw and mushrooms in coconut oil, re-added the pork and a little water with sage in it. Yummy! Add a couple of clementines and some olives and I’m content.

So. Even though I didn’t push myself as hard as I could’ve at the WOD, I still met my primary goals: I ate clean all day. I did not have any Diet Mt. Dew. I made it to work and through the day. I made it to my workout. And here I am.

Not a bad beginning.

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