Day 2…Made It

Gotta be honest…day two was not my best day. Not sure why I’m so tired and had a tremendous headache. That’s to be expected at this stage of the Whole30, but somehow that doesn’t make it suck any less, LOL. I guess if I have to be tired, I’d rather be able to attribute it to eating properly and withdrawing from the sugar than to eating far too many cookies.

The great dairy drainage also began today. Yes, the first few days of the Whole30 are all about the bodily functions, LOL!

There is good news…as anticipated (eagerly), my back feels much better today. This happened when I began my first Whole30, and it was a revelation. As the toxins leave my body, the systemic inflammation goes down, and the issues with my back go with it. I’m more than ready.

I’m no fun at all today, so I’m going to just log my meals for today and go back to enjoying my husband’s birthday…

Turkey sausage

Chicken breasts
Red leaf lettuce/tomatoes with mayo

Pork steaks that my honey marinated in some mysterious substance (which I do know includes mustard, garlic powder, and rosemary)
Veggies (red and yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, and celery) sauteed in olive oil and dashes of salt


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