Being Last

Two Thursdays ago, I completed WOD 1 for our Crossfit League. It was a snatch ladder. The first rung on the ladder was 35 pounds, 30 reps. No problem. Turned those out in no time at all.

Second rung: 55 pounds. No…way. And believe me, I tried. And tried. And tried. My judge gave me a thousand cues. My friends gave me cues. And I tried. But that bar did not go above my head.

My score for the WOD: 30. My ranking after that WOD: last.

Last Thursday I completed WOD 2. It involved 15 box step-ups onto a 20″ box (no problem) and 9 situps…again, no problem.

It was the middle move…12 55 pound push presses…that were the rut in the road for me. My push press one rep max is 65 pounds. From a rack. And I did it, oh, about a month ago. I thought I could. And I could. But it took me a lot of attempts and a lot of time, so I made it through all of two rounds and a little bit.

My score for the WOD: 94. My ranking after both WODs: last.

Most of the time, I’m okay with it. I’m 50. I’ve only been Crossfitting 7 months. I have a tricky back which makes my hips a little less powerful than I’d like them to be. I go to the gym 3 times a week. I love it, but I’m far from the best at it.

Some moments, I gotta be honest with you…it stings a little. When I saw my name at the bottom of the sheet after that second WOD, I had a moment of self-pity: “Well, it’s official! I’m the worst Crossfitter in the league…at my gym…no, I’M THE WORST CROSSFITTER EVER!!!”

And maybe it’s true. But you know what? Who cares. I get out there and up there and I give it my all. I cheer on my friends, who are doing AWESOME in the league. I cheer on my gym, which is doing AWESOME in the league! And I have a great, great, great time.

And here’s why:


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