Paleo Challenge and League Almost Over – And A Triumph!


It’s Day 28 of the Paleo Challenge at our gym. It’s Day 6 of Lent. I think I’m probably strict-ish paleo, but not Whole30 because my chocolate avocado pudding has vanilla in it, which has a teensy bit of alcohol. At any rate, the food has been going pretty well since Lent started.

This challenge has felt different than the last one. Maybe because I’ve actually seen some results, even though I’ve had five cheat days. The last one, I just gave up at the end and didn’t even get my “after” weights and measures. I’ll do it this time, even if there isn’t much change! Just a few more days…then I admit, I’m going to indulge a little.

The last two League WODs have been a nice break from the frustration and…well, embarrassment…of the first two. In fact, I went from 47th in the 2nd WOD to 20th in the 3rd one! Five rounds of 20 burpees and 20 kettlebell swings may not sound like fun, but I was just grateful it was something I could do. That was a nice boost. And WOD 4 was a team WOD, but it was still mostly moves I could do – 12# wallballs and singleunders. There were banded pullups too, but I didn’t have those then, so my great teammate Betsy did ’em. We did okay!

I can’t decide how I feel about the League. It’s been challenging, without a doubt. It was nice to have a couple of weeks with WODs I could do. I’m scared to death of the last two. I’ve been scared to death the whole time. But I guess, as I said, that that’s exactly why I did it…because I was scared. On the other hand, I’m going to be very glad when it’s over.

The last two workouts have been encouraging, though! On Saturday, my friend Melissa had a WOD at her gym, and she gave me some great tips about getting my hands closer to the wall on handstand pushups. I was able to get a good handstand and even a teensy tiny flex and straighten. Happy!

And tonight! Well, tonight, I went in determined…determined to at least get closer to banded pullups.

And to keep it simple: I GOT ‘EM!

Banded Pullups 2-18-13

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One Response to Paleo Challenge and League Almost Over – And A Triumph!

  1. drmoll2011 says:

    AND…I lost 3 pounds and 5 inches during our challenge!

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