About Dr. Moll

Hi, I’m Linda Moll.

I’m a Hoosier, born and bred…I live in Missouri now, in the middle of the woods.

I don’t always love having to drive up the steep hills over the biggest pothole in the world, or dealing with water jugs when the water goes out, or worrying about the neighbors, but for the most part, it’s a pretty nice place to live.

I have two cats.

Yep, they’re cute and they know it. They’re rescue kitties. They’re getting up there in years, but you’d never know it. They get around pretty well!

I’m married to (I know I’m prejudiced) the best man in the world. Sure, he has his moments…but oh, so do I. Can’t believe how patient he is with me. I’m the most blessed woman in the world, to have found this man at a time when I had come to peace with the idea of being alone for the rest of my life. Thank God I was wrong!

I’m Catholic. I love my imperfect, flawed, run by humans Church. And I love how it has brought me closer to God.

In June 2012, I noticed how my OTA friends Chris and Melissa Schwab kept posting about this Crossfit thing. I thought “there ain’t no way I can do that stuff.” Pullups? Pressing tons of weight? Pushups on the TOES? Way too hard for me. Then I saw a post about something called “Whole30.” I hit a link and up came this page…about this food plan that my CH (chainsawin’ husband) had been raving about almost since I’d met him. He called it “The Caveman Diet.” They call it “Whole9.” I read about the science and it made sense to me. And when I talked to Dallas Hartwig (http://whole9life.com/), he recommended this Crossfit thing. So…off to Foundations class I went:


So. By day I am a not at all mild-mannered psychologist learning about a new psychiatric service so I can be a terrific director of treatment services to my patients and my staff.  By evening and night, I try to be a good wife, workout without throwing up or passing out, and prepare meals that promote the best health for me and the CH.

And that’s me!


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