Day 2…Made It

Gotta be honest…day two was not my best day. Not sure why I’m so tired and had a tremendous headache. That’s to be expected at this stage of the Whole30, but somehow that doesn’t make it suck any less, LOL. I guess if I have to be tired, I’d rather be able to attribute it to eating properly and withdrawing from the sugar than to eating far too many cookies.

The great dairy drainage also began today. Yes, the first few days of the Whole30 are all about the bodily functions, LOL!

There is good news…as anticipated (eagerly), my back feels much better today. This happened when I began my first Whole30, and it was a revelation. As the toxins leave my body, the systemic inflammation goes down, and the issues with my back go with it. I’m more than ready.

I’m no fun at all today, so I’m going to just log my meals for today and go back to enjoying my husband’s birthday…

Turkey sausage

Chicken breasts
Red leaf lettuce/tomatoes with mayo

Pork steaks that my honey marinated in some mysterious substance (which I do know includes mustard, garlic powder, and rosemary)
Veggies (red and yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, and celery) sauteed in olive oil and dashes of salt


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Day 1 – Done!

I am pleased to say that I made it through my first day. Mostly, it was pretty easy.

The biggest problem was that the cats have ventured upstairs. When the dog is here, the cats stay snuggled down in their little den (our bedroom). We have their food and water down there, and they seem to like it okay. Though I worry about their Vitamin D intake. 🙂

Once Rowdy leaves, they slowly make their way upstairs. This is good news because it relieves those nagging Vitamin D worries. There’s also about eight bowls of water up there (the dog consumes mass quantities), so I don’t have to worry about filling up a bowl over and over again.

I wasn’t completely prepared for them to go upstairs last night. And I was juuuust about asleep when I heard this “thump, thump” from upstairs. Now, those of you who know us, know we’ve had various wildlife infiltrate our house – including flying squirrels and mice – and we had been away quite a bit lately. And I also worry about the two-legged wildlife finding its way to our house as well.

I did a quick kitty-check. Turned out it was Maya…excursing to not just the upstairs, but the LOFT. I called her and finally I heard the thud, thud of her little feet coming down the stairs.

Took me a while to get back to sleep.

Onward…Breakfast was good – the quiche I made last night, some carrots and olives, and my favorite tea (which unfortunately Amazon has decided to discontinue, boo), and blueberries.

My morning was all about meetings, which isn’t terribly enjoyable, but the good thing is it keeps my mind off food. Lunch was also very good – chicken tarragon I also made last night, wonderful mashed cauliflower, a red leaf lettuce and tomato salad. Quite tasty. Usually I have an egg and olives before my workout, but time ran out on me tonight.

I’m not going to lie. I was DREADING my workout tonight. I was tired from the wake-up last night. I thought, it’s going to be one of those WODs…and this was after a night when I couldn’t even lift my one-rap max on my deadlift last week! Discouraging, especially after I upped my push press PR by ten pounds. And my back has really been bothering me, after months of improvement. I suspect a combination of being sick, too much driving, and really sucky food choices.

The night was about what I expected. 600 meter run – I did get to wear the new shoes Ron gave me for Christmas, and they were lovely. Hollow bodies (I so need that core work) and planks. Three rounds of 20 lunges, 15 pushups, 20 abmat situps. I keep thinking of that phrase: “Your workout is my warmup.” LOL. Strength work was banded deadlifts. Meh. I did okay but not as well as I would like.

The WOD was tough. I definitely should’ve gone for the 12 instead of 10 pound wall ball, and had a lower box for my jumping pullups. It never fails – when I think I’m being conservative, I end up peeved with myself for not pushing harder.

I was so hungry heading home. I decided to make some pork sausage from our wild hog – crumbled it up and browned it, then dumped some broccoli slaw and mushrooms in coconut oil, re-added the pork and a little water with sage in it. Yummy! Add a couple of clementines and some olives and I’m content.

So. Even though I didn’t push myself as hard as I could’ve at the WOD, I still met my primary goals: I ate clean all day. I did not have any Diet Mt. Dew. I made it to work and through the day. I made it to my workout. And here I am.

Not a bad beginning.

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Ready or not, Here I Paleo

Okay, here we go! It’s time to get serious about this Whole30. Gonna try to blog here as often as possible; it seems to help me when I log what I eat. There’s a certain amount of positive reinforcement to writing down what I’ve eaten and beaming when it’s clean. It also helps me match my energy levels to my eating habits.

So I have a lot of plans for the next couple of months, and I’m really excited about getting started.

Tomorrow, I start a standard Whole30. I’m going to try to keep my fruit to once a day and avoid nuts unless I’m absolutely desperate for fats. I spent the afternoon cooking today to help me, and I made a list of recipes I want to try from Well Fed:

Meatza (even though this is “paleofying” a junk food – I don’t eat pizza much, so I don’t see it as dangerous)
Pad Thai and sunshine sauce
Best chicken…
Chocolate chili
Cinnamon beefstew
Czech meatballs
Chinese BBQ pork and fried “rice”
Citrus carnitas
Shepherd pie with beef (or perhaps venison)
Italian sausage and eggplant strata
Salmon L’Afrique
Meat & Spinach muffins
Blue Ribbon Chicken

I need to substitute some other veggies for my beloved squash, spinach, and carrots – I’ve been turning orange. Seriously. So here are some that don’t have beta carotene:

Brussel sprouts (just need to get some frozen and try)
Cauliflower (mashed or sauteed or roasted!)

Spice Market Kale
Greek Broccoli
Cauliflower Rice Pilaf
Zucchini Noodles
Baba Ghanoush (eggplant)

On 1/14, we start the week for our next Paleo challenge at Parkland Crossfit, with the challenge itself starting 1/22 and running through February 20th.

And…the coach is starting a league with 573Fitness, starting 1/24.

So…since I have to measure and weigh the week of 1/14 (bleh), I need to prep this week. AND I don’t want to be in “carb flu” mode when the league starts.

In addition to all that…Desired Health Chiropractic is starting a “Food Makeover” Challenge on 2/4 too!

In the last two months, I have eaten hideously. And I feel it everywhere…my back in particular. I’m ready to go back to my good habits and get my entire body back in shape.

In addition to my food, I intend to go back to my sleep routine. Turning off all email, Facebook, and the TV an hour before bedtime, and eight hours of sleep. That also made an enormous difference in my energy and well-being last time.

And the last goal: 4 workouts a week, including each League workout. I’m tickled that they’re on Thursdays, so I can go without missing time with my Cricket Man.

So…I haven’t much in terms of wisdom or philosophy today. Instead, I just wanted to get some goals and thoughts on paper. It has nothing to do with weight loss or inches, or even PRs. It’s all about getting myself back on the great track I started this weekend.


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I AM an athlete

(Warning! This is a painfully honest post!)

It definitely hasn’t been a great month. I keep starting things and then ending up on the virtual floor. I keep examining this phenomenon and feeling discouraged about my apparent lack of commitment…though I must be doing something right because I’m sitting here in my six 6 jeans and I’m not utterly uncomfortable. Though perhaps I’m simply numb, LOL.

At any rate, I think I’ve hit on it.

I haven’t been seeing myself as an athlete.

Instead, I’ve seen myself as that person who is sort of dabbling in Crossfit and Paleo, but really isn’t capable of accomplishing that much. At least not as much as all those other women, those truly talented, athletic, and committed women who have something inherent in them that I simply don’t have. And in my mind, I’ve thought, yes, I can try, I can work out, but eventually I will revert back to that flabby pale woman who finds all her comfort in a donut, a cookie, and a bowl of ice cream.

That’s how I’ve seen myself all my life…the fat little freckle-faced strawberry with glasses and red hair and just a little too much cheek and tummy. And yes, I’ve had times when I’ve been thin…I’ve had times when I’ve been scary thin. But every single time…back to the girl who finds comfort in a cookie.

I’m sick of that. It’s time for me to bring that girl out, give her the hug she’s been craving for so long, cook her a healthy meal, and take her to the gym.

To show her…she doesn’t have to do this or that or the other to become an athlete. Because there’s one truth I haven’t let myself acknowledge:

I AM an athlete.

I know it’s going to take time for this concept to become, as we say in my business, ego-syntonic. But I’m determined to do it. It’ll take effort. It’ll take discipline and sacrifice. It’ll take support and acceptance from my friends who’ve already discovered this truth. But I’m going to do it.

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Exercise today

Though I wasn’t on-rails with my food yet today, I did exercise:

3 miles hiking with the hubby – down to Mina Sauk Falls and back at Taum Sauk Mountain State Park. It was GREAT!


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I’m Ready…Excited…and A Little Apprehensive!

Tomorrow, October 22, I start a 30-day “shred.” What on earth is that??

When I’ve made it 14-15 days of my Whole30, I’ve noticed there comes a point where I really see a difference in my body, and I’ve heard people talk about experiencing that “shred,” especially around 30 days.

I also have a pretty gnarly sugar addiction, and tend to over-rely on nuts for fast and easy fats.

So…in the last 30 days of the Lurong Paleo Challenge, I’ve decided to super-commit.

30 days.

No fruit.

No nuts.

4 days a week at the gym (can’t wait for this!)

I know there will be times when it won’t be easy. So I’m going to journal my journey here. All the thoughts and feelings I can without embarrassing anyone else, LOL.

But I also know I can do it! I’ve seen so many times, at the gym, when I’ve said “I can’t,” only to find out I actually can! Maybe not beautifully, but I CAN!

I know I’m still working my way up when it comes to weights. So I’m not going to focus on how heavy I can lift. I’m going to focus on perfecting my form. Once I’ve got that down, I know the sky’s the limit when it comes to weight.

And my other goal? To do an unassisted kipping pullup by the end of the 30 days.

Ready? Set? We’ll go tomorrow!!


“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?” – 1 Corinthians 6:19

For each day I reach my goals, I will put a dollar in a jar. At the end of my 30 days, that money will go to my church.

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Whole30/Crossfit for Christ Day 3

Small amount of tuna salad
Frozen shrimp (yummy!)
Blackberries with coconut butter

Moroccan chicken from the Success Guide
Cauliflower couscous from the Success Guide
Blackberries with coconut butter

Day 3 of 40 completed, with the grace of God.

Made it through. Thank you, Jesus!

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